Honours Diploma: British Association of Therapeutic Hypnosis.
Honours Diploma: World Federation of Hypnotherapists.

"I write to comment on the tremendous improvement in my husband's condition since he commenced consulting you.
5 months ago he still suffered panic attacks, resulting in his inability to travel on a bus unaccompanird, or to go to town, because of his fear of crowds..............
Now, he travels on the subway, unaccompanied; does a lot of the household shopping and chores, which relieves me greatly, due to the pressures of my nursing work. Friends have commented on how well he looks!..............He has progressed more in 3-4 months of your treatment, than he did in 5 years of attending GPs and a hospital consultant
We both wish to thank you, Yours sincerely,"Mrs. M. McK. R.G.N. Q.N. P.W.T.

"After years of alternative medicine, and constant medical help, I can only say to you my heartfelt thanks for making life worth living again.........my only regret is that I didn't find you sooner...................I now do my own shopping, and a hundred and one things that seemed to have fallen by the wayside over the past few years.....I can only say thank you , once again." Yours most sincerely Jean S.C. Mrs.

" I'm writing to thank you for the help you have given me, When I first came to you for the first appointment, I was doubtful whether you could help me, as I felt so bad with nerves and tension...........now after 5 appointments, .....I feel a new woman and I am not tense or nervous any more. I thank once more for your good help."
Yours truly, Mrs. N. McQ.

"I was suffering from deep depression, and you taught me how to help myself with self-hypnosis.......when you understand the 'bogey of nerves', they can never completely overwhelm you again........I thought it was something I would always have to live with, but you inspired me with confidence, not to be too impressed with unhappy moods, and never be completely discouraged. You brought me hope.....and taught me how to relax. Thank you Joe." Mrs. C. M.

" Just a note to thank you.....my wife has made a remarkable improvement in coping with the symptoms of her ME......long may it continue."
Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Frank S. M.B.


*** JOE GORDON has long been regarded as one of the country's leading Clinical Hypnotherapists. Well known for his many Radio Broadcasts with 'DR. PAT', where, for several years, on 'live Radio Phone-ins' they advised on the use of Hypnosis Therapy in coping with many listeners problems.

They covered many topics, and explained many problems, ranging from severe Phobias and Anxiety attacks, to Weight Loss and help in stopping Smoking!

'DR. PAT' was a Glasgow GP, who was also a practising Hypnotherapist, and it was she who recognised, and encouraged Joe's abilities in this field after he had qualified. And knowing of Joe's particular interest in treating Phobias, referred a number of patients to him.

Joe combines standard psychological approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, with various forms of Hypnotherapy, and over the past twenty odd years, many thousands of people can testify to the effectiveness of this form of treatment.

His gentle, caring manner, and his dedication to every case that he deals with, has resulted in many letters of appreciation, both from 'lay people', and those within the medical profession, all of whom were delighted by his very professional and knowledgeable approach.


All enquiries to: Joe Gordon, Scottish Hypnotherapy Clinic,
Nos: 1 and 3 Church Lane, Galston, East Ayrshire, KA4 8HE

Scotland, U.K.

Telephone for appointments to: 01563 820507

******Joe has several HYPNOTHERAPY CDs available.
Each one contains Track One, "AUTORELAXATION", where he guides you through a very gentle,effective relaxation process, as a prelude to "SELF HYPNOSIS".

The second track on each CD is titled "SELF HYPNOSIS CAN HELP YOU TO.....", and has a simple and comfortable Self Hypnosis Routine, to help you cope with your particular problem.

CD Titles:-

CDs are priced at £10 each including Post & Packing.
Payment by Cash or cheque to: JOE GORDON,Nos: 1 and 3 Church Lane, Galston, East Ayshire
KA4 8HE, Scotland, U.K.

Tel: +44 (0) 1563 820507 www.joegordonandsallylogan.co.uk